About Us

Illini EV Concept is a student-run automotive club at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A passion for sustainable energy technology and a desire to build the most energy-efficient electric vehicle possible drives our team as well as our love for beautiful cars. Our team strives to build industry-level advanced projects as early as freshman year in our undergrad engineering career, using the car and the competition as our source of inspiration. We try to have all systems of the car be custom built by us!

Shell Eco Marathon

Every year we are challenged by Shell to design, fabricate, and test a car in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas Competition. The Eco-marathon competition is divided between the Prototype class and the Urban Concept class, and further divided by Internal Combustion Engine, Hydrogen and Battery-Electric.

We competes in the Urban Concept Battery-Electric category, a focuses on designing and building EV vehicles that resemble modern passenger cars. This category’s objective is to drive drive innovation in electric vehicle technology and inspire the development of more sustainable transportation solutions.

We also compete in the Autonomous Urban Concept Competition in which our team is challenged to make our vehicle self-driving, a category unique to the Shell Eco Marathon!

For more information, check out Shell’s Eco-marathon page.


Electrical Team

In charge of building all the electrical systems that run the car, from the lights and other low voltage systems to the motorcontroller and battery.

Mechanical Team

In charge of the composites and mechanical systems of the car, including the body, drivetrain, steering, brakes and everything in between.

Embedded Team

In charge of all of the embedded systems used the car’s electronics in our team through our board’s microcontrollers and custom code.

Autonomous Team

In charge of performance simulations of the autonomous vehicle to creating on-ground autonomous equipment during the competition.

Business Operations

In charge of managing the team through logistics, merchandising and branding, sponsorships, alum relations and social events.